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How to Develop Effective Communication

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Everywhere we go, there is always communcation. This communiction explosion has led to one of the most incredible tools, the internet. It allows us to communicate with people all around the world. But despite all our high tech means of communication, effective communication still comes down to people understanding each other, developing skills in order to compete in this worldwide market place. This much needed skills include, building trust, communicating verbally and non-verbally, listening better and dealing with conflict in the work place.
One of the keys to succesful communication is trust. Being succesful largely depends on gaining trust from other people. If you dont have trust of other people, they cant count on you. Therefore, it is good to build trust, if you feel you haven’t built trust among people, there are ways you can gain trust. One of them is being supportive when someone is in need of support, it wil gain you trust if support is honest. Also, displaying concern for others is another good way to gain trust, it shows that you care and people will always have that back in their mind whenever they think of you or encouter you unless that is broken. Another way is recognition for initiative, appreciate what people do for you or for others, show that you appreciate them for that. You can also give fedback or honest opinions to people, this shows them that you will not let them go down in times of competition since most people will not be as friendly as they are in other situations away from competition. You should also be fair to everyone, this will make you non-discriminative in the eyes of other people therefore gaining trust as such.
Another thing you need to communicate effectively is to know the comunication strategies themselves. It is important to keep in mind the...

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