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Formatting the Interview Report

1. Choose the five questions that you wish to transcribe. Then copy verbatim the material that you have on your tape recording or from your interview questionnaire. These will be the notes from which you will work. Listen to the voice carefully to determine the punctuation in the report. Use punctuation, such as dashes, colons, and/or periods to convey the interviewee’s meaning to the reader of your report. Use brackets [ ] to add information that is necessary to convey meaning to the reader that may have been omitted during the interview. Ex. He [Mr. Smith] said . . . .
2. Use the MLA title heading in the upper-left hand corner.
3. Single space remarks made by an individual speaker. Double space when you change speakers.
4. Begin your report with a paragraph that describes who the interviewee is and why you interviewed him or her. Make sure that you include the time, date, and location of the interview.
5. Type your report. Use italics, underlining, bolding, or using all caps for the names of the people in the interview.
6. Finish your report with a paragraph that evaluates the interview. How did it help you with your research? Did you have any problems?


Adrianne Hood
Mrs. Miller
Graduation Project
5 April 2011

Interview Report:
Beverly Fishel, Registered Dietician, LDN

Mrs. Beverly Fishel is a Registered Dietician and a Licensed Dietary Nurse. She currently works with patients with very specific dietary needs. She manages the diet plans of people who are battling diabetes and must be very careful with the foods they eat. I interviewed Mrs. Fishel about the growing problem in America with obesity. She shared her expert knowledge on how to maintain a balanced diet that would satisfy all nutrition needs. I interviewed Mrs. Fishel at North Davidson High School on March 8 at 1:45pm.

HOOD: Is there a number I should try to stay below for fat intake and sodium/cholesterol intake?

FISHEL: If it says you consume 5% of your daily value then you technically/ideally have 95% more to get. Twenty percent of calories coming from fat is about what you want to shoot for. In a 2000 calorie diet, 44 grams of fat can be consumed in a day. Typically for women 45 grams of fat per day is ok. For sodium, keeping it around 4-5000 milligrams per day is a good idea. Cholesterol should be kept under 300 mg a day. A healthy individual could get by with a bit more.

HOOD: Looking at the food pyramid realistically, can you give me a better sense of how much I should eat from each group and the best types of food for each group?

FISHEL: Serving size matters. You should take in about five servings of fruit and vegetables. You should take in about 10-11 servings (1/2 cup) of carbohydrates daily. Approach it from the serving size standpoint. Whole grains, wheat, bran and oat carbohydrates are better. Barilla pasta made with wheat is a great source of carbohydrates. Organic healthy items are all natural and avoid pesticides. They instead use natural deterrents. You can easily substitute whole wheat flour as opposed to white flour. A 50/50 split of white and wheat flour in baking should keep the same taste and texture. Try not to go over 300 mg of sodium in a serving of anything!

HOOD: I heard recently something on the news about trans fat and saturated fat and how in the past people believed some fat was good or one type was ok – but now all fat is bad. What is your take on fat and which ones I should be most resistant to eat?

FISHEL: Good fat = polyunsaturated like your (veggie oil) fat or monounsaturated fat – like (olive oil). These are often from the nut family. Poly helps cholesterol come down. Fat cushions and protects body organs and provides insulation. Body needs essential fatty acids. Fat provides flavor to food. Fat is the last thing that leaves your stomach so it keeps you feeling full longer.

HOOD: What is most important to focus on in terms of women’s health and nutrition?

FISHEL: Calcium is important – most teens and young adults don’t want to drink milk. Milk has calories, and it seems like a waste of calories and, therefore, teens and young women don’t want to drink it. Teens don’t want to go ahead and take a calcium supplement. However, it is really important for teens. It is hard to see the future results of these supplements for the young generation. Normally healthy people probably can’t take in too much calcium – a supplement is ok. Vitamin D is needed to absorb calcium. Vitamin D comes from sunlight but not as much is being absorbed now because of sun screen.

HOOD: Can you explain what calories from fat means in terms of a diet plan?

FISHEL: Carbohydrates and protein provide you with four calories each. Fat provides nine calories. Cutting fat naturally cuts calories. 3500 calories makes up one pound of body fat. You must cut 7000 calories to drop one- two pounds a week. Your diet should be broken down as follows: 50% carbohydrates, 30 % protein, and 20 %fat. Protein and fiber can keep you feeling full longer.

This interview was extremely helpful. In many ways it supported what I had already found in my research. On the other hand, it helped me to better understand concepts that had been too technical in the reading. Without Mrs. Fishel’s help, there would have been concepts like Percent Daily Values that I may have never understood. Additionally, it was great to make a connection with a professional in the community who was willing to give me undivided attention and help me with a project that is so very important to me.

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