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How to Do Avocado Ice Cream

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Title: Avocado Ice Cream
Rhetorical Purpose: Inform
Organizational Pattern: Topical
I. Introduction

A. Today you will see magic because i will covert this fruit in a delicious and unknown ice cream and I’ll show you how you can make it.

B. You always hear that you need eat more organic food but what happen with the delicious ice cream.

C. Well you can have both kinds of food and the benefits with this recipe.

D. I did this recipe a lot of time is why I am an expert and is why you should put very good attention.
• Two benefits of avocado ice cream.
• How can you make it.
• Why I chose this recipe
Transition: during
II. Body: During this recipe I’ll inform you about the two benefits that avocado ice cream have, how can you make it, and why I chose this recipe.

Main point A.
In fact avocado ice cream has amazing benefits for us.
Sub point 1. According with nutrition facts it doesn’t have preservatives and avocado has a high content of vitamins ACDE and minerals such as iron, phosphorus, magnesium and folic acid and is a an excellent source of monounsaturated fats, called healthy fats.
Sub point 2. Also is very economic because you only need five dollars to make 1 liter of ice cream.
Transition: furthermore Main point B. Furthermore, to make it you only need a few ingredients and mix.
Sub point 1. I will show you what you need:
• 1 can of condensed milk
• 2 medium avocados
• 1 lemon
• Half liter of milk
• Coconut (optional)
• Wipe cream for more consistence optional
Sub point 2. When you have these ingredients you just need to blend the avocados and boil for 1 minute in order to prevent oxidation. After blending all the ingredients for 2 minutes you put them in a container in the freezer for 6 hours.
Transition: finally Main point C.
Finally, I chose this recipe because:
Sub point 1. Is my favorite flavor of ice cream
Sub point 2. And for me is something special because it reminds me of my hometown because where am from this recipe its very traditional.
Transition: as you have noticed
III. Conclusion A. As you have noticed this ice cream has two of the most important benefits, it’s very easy to make and you know why I chose this recipe.
B. Therefore now you know something very different about me and healthy ice cream.

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