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glish literature How to Write an A* GCSE
English Literature Poetry

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How to Write an A* GCSE English Literature Poetry Response


The Poetry Component of the GCSE Literature Paper
The poetry task is the second question on the GCSE English Literature exam paper. It is perhaps the more demanding of the tasks on the paper, because unlike the question on the prose, in this section you are being asked to compare four poems simultaneously throughout your answer.
In the exam you should spend one hour on this section of the paper.
Given the greater demand of the task, your response to the poetry is worth more marks than the response to the prose. In order to perform at the highest level on this paper, it is important that you develop a nuanced and sophisticated comparative written style. However, this is achievable if you adopt a systematic approach to ordering and writing your responses. It does, however, demand considerable practice prior to the final examination. What is the Examiner looking for in a response to the Poetry?
The exam is designed to test your ability to do the following things:

Can you respond to the poems critically, in detail, and sensitively using textual evidence?
Can you explore language, structure and form contribute to the meaning of texts?
Can you compare the ways that ideas, themes and relationships are presented in the poems by selecting
pertinent details from the texts?

In other words you need to:
Write a detailed and nuanced comparison of the poems considering how the language and form contribute to the overall meaning of the poems, and the relationships, themes and ideas that the poets are trying to present to the audience. What is the Examiner looking for in an A* response to the Poetry?
An A*...

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