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How to Go Green


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How to go green
Carlos Grande Warc Best Practice October 2008

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How to go green Carlos Grande Warc Best Practice October 2008

How to go green
Carlos Grande Green marketing is a challenge that brands are finding increasingly hard to ignore. As awareness of climate change has risen, many marketers want to show a heightened commitment to reducing their environmental impact and offer consumers greener alternatives. Yet there is conflicting evidence about consumers' loyalty to green products and ill-advised campaigns can be accused of 'greenwash' (over-claiming the environmental benefits of a product, service or company policy to put the brand in a better light). Despite the risks, there are some essential elements to creating and maintaining an authentic green marketing strategy. This guide summarises these and provides information on more detailed related articles available on WARC Online. While these elements are not a quick fix, they provide a checklist for brands. Crucially, many key components of a green marketing strategy need to be in place before using these in external communications campaigns. What is green marketing? Green marketing is the promotion of goods, services and policies that claim to mitigate the environmental damage caused by human behaviour or, more rarely, produce an actual environmental benefit. Historically, green marketing formed part of corporate social responsibility agendas. In recent years, it has become a high profile part of external brand communications and strategy. This has taken the form of green-themed advertising messages, new product formulations, brand extensions and the provision of carbon offsets and other features which offer to reduce the environmental footprint of consumption. The trend has arguably been most notable in utilities, automotives, white

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