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How to Improve Communication in the Workplace?

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The workplace is a diverse group of people. Therefore, communication is one of the most important aspects used in the workplace. Communication occurs each and every day. Employees and supervisors have to communicate with each other in making decisions, asking for help, or trying to figure out to solve problems at work. Failing to communicate effectively can make the job different and bring all kinds o problems. With that being said, there are many ways to improve communication such as active listening, learn to be open and understanding of other’s points of view, maintain a positive attitude, and have face-to-face interaction.

“The act or process of using words, sounds, signs, or behaviors to express or exchange information or to express your ideas, thoughts, feelings, etc., to someone else (Merriam Webster Dictionary, 2014).” In other words, communication is interacting between two or more individuals by interchanging information. Communication is one of the most important aspects used in the workplace. Also, it is a tool used to increase productivity and maintains strong interpersonal relationships at work. Effective communication is when both parties understand the information that the sender intended to transmit. In other words, hearing and understanding what the person says and being able to get your own point across is what effective communication is about (Moulesong, 2010). In a workplace environment, there are people with different backgrounds, personalities, opinions, and ideas used to network with each other on a daily basis; therefore, communicating effectively is a critical part of a business’s success (Moulesong, 2010). Everyone at work has his or her own communication style (Moulesong, 2010). At work, everyone communicates, whether communicating with others by: writing, sending or receiving emails; showing up to meetings; answering inquiries; and writing business letters are a few of the ways people at work communicate. Being able to communicate with each other is a way to complete jobs. Managers and supervisors use communication to communicate with employees and run a business properly. Everyone at work communicates with customers and consumers to make sure their customers and consumers are satisfied and their needs are met. I believe that poor communication in the workplace will eventually lead to employees not feeling motivated to come to work and they may question their own confidence of their abilities to finish their job. With that being said, there are many ways to improve communication in the workplace, so employees can fulfill their duties in a timely manner. Employees should be open and clear when communicating. Be open and honest about the issue you are having with another employee. Also, take the time to listen to the other person. I believe it’s important to understand and respect each other viewpoints. Understanding their point-of-view may help you understand why they have an issue with you. In my opinion, listening to someone’s points of view is probably the hardest for most people, because that means a person has to be open-minded. Therefore; it doesn’t hurt to take the time to listen to someone and actually hear what he or she are saying. You also have to consider that the person may be going through something in their personal life to and this is why they are acting the way they are. Another way to improve communication in the workplace is to have face-to-face interaction. Face to face interaction is better for workplace communication and to resolve any situations, because it’s easier to see a person’s reaction and expressions. Also, to understand what they mean rather than reading what they say over e-mail. Face to face interaction can help increase the level of communication and productivity when people come together and make compromises. Each day employees have the ability to communicate effectively (Stewart, 2013). If people communicate effectively, there can be fewer problems and concerns. Open communication prevents and resolves issues, concerns and problems at work (Dogra, 2012). For example, if two employees had a disagreement and did not resolve their issue, they end up taking it personally. If it continues for a long time, this can cause problems at work and they may not want to work together in the future. If supervisors have to step in and mediate to resolve the issue then this will look unprofessional for both employees. Employees should try and understand the other person’s point of view, so later on any disagreements can stop before it gets worse. So, it’s best to resolve conflicts at the beginning; therefore, employees develop respect for one another and this can lead to professional and personal growth (Dogra, 2012). There are many positive aspects of why it’s important to communicate appropriately at work. If there is a misunderstanding, an employee should clear up this misunderstanding, rather than gossip with other people at work. Avoiding any arguments or alterations at work is the best thing to do. When employees speak about his or her disappointment or dislikes about the job, this is when managers should approach co-workers and ask them to come and talk with them about their individual feelings about the job, their disappointments, their dislikes, giving ideas of how to improve and make the workplace atmosphere healthier, and how to go about enhancing their self-worth. Regarding communication, there are many problems that can be solved before they have a chance to arise. For example, if an employee does not fully understand his or her assignment, by asking for clarification from his or her supervisor (Montgomery, 2008). By asking for clarification about the assignment this could prevented a disaster from happening (Montgomery, 2008). If the employee went ahead and did the assignment the way he or she thought, then this could have led to dismal from the job, leaving them unemployed (Montgomery, 2008). Therefore, it is important that even a little communication can make a big difference in a job. It may potentially save someone’s future work reputation. To avoid any negative outcomes, one should discuss any issues or concerns with their supervisor in the workplace. By having a discussion with their supervisor about anything, all assignments should have a better chance of being completed accurately. In my opinion, if there were issues with assignments, I would assume a supervisor would try to compromise and work with the employee so the job could run smooth. However, it’s the employee’s responsibility to speak when issues arises, because that is the only way the issues will get resolved. Miscommunication can hurt the whole business productivity and clientele as well as the employee. There will be times that people may say something to you and will make you angry. This is the time to take the time and think about your response. Do not respond quickly, because it may be in a negative manner. By taking deep breaths and choosing your words carefully can help the situation not explode into an argument. This can be challenging for some, but in the end, you have to be professional and positive at work. Having a positive attitude can guide you through any situation so you can see the bigger picture and avoid negativity (Noe, 2010). Maintaining a positive attitude can help improve communication in the workplace. It is not always easy to maintain a positive attitude at work especially when other coworkers are being negative (Noe, 2010). Everyone has their good and bad days, but maintaining a positive attitude can help with those difficult situations at work. People want to be around others who make them feel good. Employees with the positive attitudes tend to be more productive and see the opportunity and the positive side of the challenges at work. I believe that people who have positive attitudes worry less and spend their energy on positive activities. There are several benefits of having a positive attitude. For example, thanking coworkers and supervisors for the work they do and how they help you when you are having problems or concerns. Working in a positive environment will increase productivity and employees will be happy with their jobs (Noe, 2010). The important aspect of maintaining a positive attitude at work is to make a difference and wanting to do well and be successful for the business. All in all, encouraging positive attitudes in the workplace may change the way coworkers treat you. Paying attention to nonverbal communication is one way to help improve communication in the workplace. There are employees who may express what they feel verbally, but his or her facial expressions say their true feeling (Donovan, 2013). By noticing employees or coworkers nonverbal cues in conversations and meetings and ask for their input so they will not feel they are being judged. Also, pay attention to how others react to your body language, so they feel more comfortable and understand what you’re saying. I think if someone wants to be successful working with others, they have to learn to communicate with and without words. Most importantly, listen more than you are talking. Active listening involves listening and focusing on the message carefully. You can’t listen while you’re trying to think about how you’re going to respond (Stewart, 2013). Being able to communicate effectively through active listening helps with improving your daily life, it helps in understanding more about people, being able to express your thoughts more efficiently.
In conclusion, communication is the key for a business to function properly. Communication is important that everyone understands how to communicate with each other. If there is miscommunication in the work environment, this could possible jeopardize the business. If there are issues or concerns, it is best to communicate with your supervisor. From there, the supervisor could clarify and help make sure the job will get done. Communication is a very powerful act, when used properly and appropriately. Remember, that you should always think before speaking. When discussing problems, concerns, opinions, thoughts, plans, and ideas these all should be handled in a skillful and professional manner.

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