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How to Improve Education

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Education as an important aspect of our society has a considerable amount of attention. But today the current education system especially in this country does not fully grant the societal needs of the present time. Education must to be improved, so that it is friendly to both teachers and students.
First of all the system should be learning-centric rather than exam-centric and the whole approach to the learning process should be changed. Undergraduates must be allowed to choose subjects according to their interests. Instead of taking notes from the teacher and textbooks, they must be made to research information on their own from library books and the Internet. Students must be taught how to gather and analyze information from multiple sources, including interviews, reference materials and the Internet. This will help them to develop good reading habits, self-confidence and openness to criticism. But more important is that it will help them to develop analytical skills and critical reading. Undergraduates should interact in groups and express their views on various topics and issues and this will contribute to the development of communicative and social skills. The system of higher education should be focused on the personal development of undergraduates.
The new technology must be a significant part of the development of educational system. Nowadays every life facet involves technology. Using new technologies each higher educational establishment can create its own data base which will facilitate the access to sources and materials for students. Recently established online learning offers the opportunity to self-customize education in such a way as to balance work, class, social and family commitments, and be able to learn at the most comfortable pace, rather than one dictated by a syllabus and timetable. What is more the use of technology, especially through...

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