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How to Improve Systems

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Nursing 101
The Art and Science of Nursing
Spring 2013

GRADING SCALE: Refer to 2011/2012 CNC Calendar, p. 110

COURSE DESCRIPTION: This course introduces the beginning student to the dimensions of professional nursing practice. Through group and individual learning activities, students are introduced to concepts, professional nursing practice, issues & trends in nursing, and the Canadian health care system. This course establishes the foundation for your future nursing career.
COURSE STRUCTURE: Classes are delivered using lecture, discussion, group work, and lab and clinical experiences. There is also an online component to the course. Please visit the Nursing 101 Moodle shell regularly for readings and submission of assignments. There are required readings assigned for each week and material from these readings will be applied during class activities. It is expected that students will have completed the required readings, as this will help facilitate each students’ active participation in the course and the achievement of learning outcomes. All required and supplemental readings are testable material.
PARTICIPATION IN ALL LAB AND CLINICAL SESSIONS IS MANDATORY. FAILURE TO ATTEND YOUR SCHEDULED SESSION WILL RESULT IN FAILURE OF NURSING 101. (See policy regarding illness in student handbook & CRNBC Fitness to Practice Requirements). You must notify your instructor prior to missing lab or clinical.


Students are required to undergo two criminal record searches: one through the RCMP and one through the Ministry of Public Safety. STUDENTS WHO DO NOT HAVE THEIR CRIMINAL RECORD SEARCHES COMPLETED PRIOR TO THE COMMENCEMENT OF CLINICAL...

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