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How to Install Ubuntu

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How To Install Ubuntu Linux

By: Iptisam “Sam” Petzold Brown Mackie College SSE0050 Due: March 22, 2016

How to Install Ubuntu Linux Ubuntu is a version of Linux created to be easy to use, especially for those who are new to Linux. It has a Linux kernel based on Debian and is distributed as a free and open source software, not to mention that it is one of the most popular distributions for the desktop and server. Ubuntu also runs on phones. Ubuntu offers a LiveCD environment that lets you run the operating system from a media without making any changes to your hard drives. This is a pretty cool feature because you can essentially test-drive the OS before you actually install it. Once you create a bootable USB installation media, you can plug it into any computer, boot into Ubuntu, and download any data on the usable/ data storage partition. Before using Linux, my suggestion is that you brush up on your familiarity working with commands in the command line, because Ubuntu primarily uses the command line for most everything… then good luck and enjoy!
Required supplies: * Downloaded ISO image (derives its name from the group’s standard for optical disc file systems, ISO 9660) of Ubuntu * Universal Serial Bus (USB) Bootable Ubuntu Installation Media (Thumb Drive 2GB or larger) * A laptop running Windows7 (with partitioned hard drive). * ***Possibly one or all of these programs installed to help you achieve the items required above: Startup Disk Creator, Partition Magic, & Gnome Partition Editor (GParted).***
1)Create a bootable installation media prior to this installation on a thumb drive that is at least 2GB, but preferably larger, from ISO image downloaded on your computer. (Use Startup Disk Creator or Partition Magic which are both good programs to help you create bootable media from ISO files).
2)Partition your hard drive prior to this installation. ***Please use caution because modifying your operating systems partitions is inherently dangerous and can result in data loss if not done correctly!!!***(GParted is a program that allows the user to create, delete, and re-format any partition on their hard drive with just a few simple clicks!) ***Note: One of the partitions needs to be New Technology File System (NTFS format for Windows) and the other partition needs to be Forth Extended File System (ext4 for Ubuntu). ***
3)The main bootloader for Ubuntu is called Grand Unified Bootloader version two (Grub2), and presents itself every time you boot up your computer. If you want to continue having Grub2 manage your operating systems in a dual boot scenario, install Windows first on the machine, then Ubuntu. Windows also has a bootloader and it does not like to show you that there is another OS on the computer… (let’s just say it gets jealous)!
Installation of Ubuntu:
1)Insert the USB installation media into a free port on the computer which you want to run Ubuntu on. (You’ll need to change the boot order in the BIOs BIOs of the computer, that way it will start-up using the installation media rather than your usual operating system.)
2)Turn off & turn back on pressing either F2, F5, F6, F8, or F10. Then go to the boot order list and move the USB port to the top of the list. Save your changes and then exit the BIOs.
3)When the installation wizard brings you into the Ubuntu Live System, click the install icon on the desktop.
4)Then, choose your language and click the install Ubuntu button.
5)If you have an internet connection, you can check “Download update while installing” and “install this third-party software,” but this takes time. So, I recommend skipping them and then installing them after you have installed Ubuntu.
6)Now, choose either: to format the hard drive and install Ubuntu, Install Ubuntu & Windows7, side-by-side (which is the way we are doing in this instruction), or Something else; like manually partitioning your hard disk.
7)Once the computer is booting from the USB drive, Ubuntu will load basic services and bring you to the main install screen, which can take a while to show up. So, allow up to 5 minutes for lower spec computers.
8)Click install Ubuntu
9)Click install this third-party software
10)Select erase disk and install now button.
11)Choose your time zone, then click continue.
12)Next, choose your keyboard layout & language.
13) Enter a username and password, leave the other options at default.
14)Then click the log-in later button.
15)Ubuntu will now be installing, this can take up to one hour, so grab and ice cream or go for a smoke break!!! You’ve earned it!!!
16)Afterwards, click the restart now button.
17) After reboot, enter your newly created username and password to log-in to Ubuntu.
18)You should now be on your new Ubuntu Unity Desktop!!! Congratulations!!! You can now explore your own free and open source software which is available using the built-in software center (the icon on the left-pane) and also customize the Ubuntu Unity Desktop to your own personal preferences!!! Enjoy!

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How to Install and Debug Grain Hulling Machine?

...How to Install and Debug Grain Hulling Machine? Check whether there has foreign matters in the grain hulling machine, then switch on.  When the grain hulling machine has a normal running, send material to the feeding port. Observe grain peeling process of the discharge port. Turn the gap adjustment dish and adjust the gap between the two grinding wheels. Clockwise rotation makes the gap decrease, conversely, anticlockwise rotation makes the gap enlarge. When the gap is adjusted, we plug the safety pin of the turning disc in the shell hole for normal production.  Observe the grain hulling machine charging quantity. If the charging quantity is too large, then reduce it.  If there has sudden failure, we should cut off the power and check the machine. Don’t make any foreign matters to the feeding port of the grain hulling machine. Don’t stretch hand into the canister of the feeding port.  The halting sequence and the boot sequence should be opposite.  The above is the grain hulling machine operation methods. In grain hulling machine operation, we should  pay attention to these methods, and make the grain hulling machine have a long service life. Correct installation and debugging matters whether the grain hulling machine can have a good performance in operation. First, let’s learn how to install the grain hulling machine.  Confirm the grain hulling machine installation location according to the work place condition.  Check the connecting bolts......

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