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How to Maintain Class Decipline

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How to Maintain Classroom Discipline
Great teachers first learn how to maintain classroom discipline in their academic preparation. Educators also learn how to maintain classroom discipline through experience and adapt their basic techniques to the best practices for their current students who might differ substantially from the previous groups. In addition, school teachers usually work in a collaborative environment so they learn how to maintain classroom discipline and best practices on the job through their supervisors and peers.
1. 1
Develop a basic set of rules and regulations for classroom management and discipline. These rules and regulations should govern daily procedures and expectations such as timely attendance and the consequences for missing or late assignments.
2. 2
Explain to each class in detail your expectations for their behavior for the duration of the course. These expectations should be the first order of business on the first day of the course.
3. 3
Review the school discipline rules and explain how these rules supplement or complement your own rules. Make sure that your rules and expectations do not conflict with the general rules of the school.
4. 4
Provide parents and school administrators with information on your rules, regulations and expectations. When you provide your classroom management plans to the parents and school officials, invite them to meet with you to discuss your expectations.
5. 5
Take time to remind students of your expectations and the applicable rules on a regular basis. Discuss any ambiguities that the students might see in the rules and expectations.
6. 6
Enforce the classroom and school rules in a firm and consistent manner. If you cannot enforce a rule or if your expectations are unrealistic, students may use the inconsistencies or omissions as an excuse for ignoring the rules. o Students…...

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