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“You’re going to make her wait, and when she’s finally happy with ME you come barging into her life again?!” Jiho shouted as he shoved at his brother.

Me and Jiho was at some café when Taewoon showed up, he asked if we could talk.
But Jiho thought otherwise

Taewoon fell on the floor but got up immediately throwing a punch on Jiho’s face then grabbed him by the collar.

“She loved ME first! If it wasn’t for you, she’d still do!”

“She loves ME now. Two years Hyung! Two fucking years you made her suffer, and I was the one cleaning up your mess I won’t give her up, I can’t!”

I can’t take this anymore!

“Stop both of you! Stop it right now!” I shouted, tears streaming down my face. I can’t stand them fighting like this, hurting each other like this.
But they can’t seem to hear me.

Why is this happening? How did it come to this?

I asked this a lot to myself “am I crazy?” then I’d always answer myself, “yeah, yeah you are”
I guess having a one sided crush to someone who doesn’t even know your existence, AND daydreaming about how you guys could get married someday IS crazy.

I first saw Him one day at the grocery store nearby our house, he was picking between spicy ramen and seafood ramen at the instant noodles section, and I happened to be running an errand for my brother

“I seriously NEED to eat ramen sis!”

I was picking seafood ramen when my dream guy asked me out of the blue

“Hey miss which tastes better? Seafood or spicy”
I couldn’t reply immediately at first, then I said;

“Err, the spicy one”

Then the most glorious thing happened, He smiled at me, and not just any smile.

That kind of smile where the corner of his face seemed sparkling, and there’s flowers everywhere, you know that cliché thing that happens in Korean dramas whenever girls meets their crush.

I always thought those things were ridiculous and cheesy, until I experienced it

He said “Thanks miss” and walked away with his ramen.

I was so dazzled that I came home without buying the ramen my brother asked me to get.
Ever since then I silently admired him.
Saw him once or twice walking his dogs in the morning, buying some vegetable with his brother one afternoon.
What I know from people is that he lived alone with his brother, named Jiho who is 2 years younger than him. He has two dogs, and works as a barista and that he is 24 years of age and single.
And ever since, at the end of the day whenever I am done with my home works, I dream of him
Dreaming a place where that perfect boy, whom I am spying on at the moment, likes me, a place whe-

“You know stalking people is creepy right?”
I gasped.

“Shit!” I cursed internally.
I turned around to see who spoke, and then I am definitely sure my face turned beetroot red.

It was my dream guy’s younger brother, Woo Jiho.

“Wha- what did you say?” I stuttered

“I said, spying on people at-“. He glanced at his wristwatch “6:30 pm while they’re playing basketball and not aware someone is watching is creepy.”

“I-I wasn’t spying, I ahh just happened to be around” which was the truth actually, I was catching some air outside at the court near our apartment when Taewoon (my dream guy) came.
The only problem is I didn’t make my presence known.

He chuckled “Uh-huh, whatever gets you through the night lady. You need to find other hobbies.” then he stood up, walked past me to go to his brother.

I took the perfect opportunity to run as fast as I freaking can.

I went straight home, running upstairs to my bedroom.

“Where the heck have you been?”Asked my younger brother who just came out of his bedroom.
“I was outside, just catching some air” I replied
“Yeah, and you seem to be catching some now too, why were you running?” he asked again, brows arched.
“It’s nothing”
“ok weirdo, mom said dinners almost ready”
“ok, I’ll be down in a few” I said, then shut the door behind me

“Oh what am I going to do? That was so awkward! He’ll probably tell his brother how he saw this girl was stalking him, and then he’ll probably never play basketball there. Oh I hope not!”
I internally wished, burying my face on my pillow.

It’s a good that boy and I don’t go to the same school, or else it’ll be so awkward running into him.

“Ugh, forget about it Joey, he’ll probably just think you were weird then forget about it later on anyway” I convinced myself, and then shook the idea of meeting him again, out of my head.

I logged into my Facebook to get a quick view of my newsfeed, I also left my friend a message asking for her to accompany me tomorrow to buy some books and to shop, and she replied immediately when we agreed on the time of our meet up, we said goodbyes. Then I heard my mom

“Joey! Dinners ready!”
“Coming Coming!” I ran downstairs towards the dining room, one thing that my mom hates is making dinner wait for us, and she says its bad luck.

When I got there, I froze.

“There you are Joey, here sweetie let me introduce you to our guests, they just moved next door, they used to live there at the building right next to ours” my mom said

Taewoon smiled at me, offering his hand
“Good evening Joey, my names Taewoon it’s nice to meet you”

Get a grip girl! Calm down!

“Y-yes, hi nice to meet you too” I grasp his firm but soft hands, trying to smile back then pulled back my hand
“And this is my younger brother, Jiho” taewoon said, introducing the guys beside him

Oh my God! Calm down Joey! Calm down!

“Hey, we meet again” he said, grabbing my hands himself while smiling widely
“You two have met?” my mom, whom I totally forgot was there, asked.

Jiho chuckled “yeah, we bumped into each other?” he said, arching his brows at me
“Ah! Y-yes, yes I remember you. We met again huh” I smiled, shaking his hand
Taewoon laughed
“Well look at that, it’s like coincidence or something”
“Yeah or something” Jiho replied but still looking at me, with now a pierced gaze

“Oh this is wonderful! Well what are we waiting for? Dinners ready, let’s be seated” my mom exclaimed.

We all took our seat, and guess to chose to seat with me? Taewoon!
I think I’m on cloud nine!
When it’s time to say grace, we held hands then my dad led the prayer.
When all us bowed, I peeked a little wanting to see Taewoon’s face but Instead I saw Jiho staring, I immediately closed my eyes again.

Ugh! Why does he always catch me spying on his brother?
Oh this is going to be a verrrrry long night.


I don’t know whether to consider meeting these two in the same night a good thing or a bad luck.
I mean, I feel ecstatic to be sitting with HIM, like these scenes only happened in my dreams. Him meeting my family, eating together, holding hands while listening to grace? How awesome is that?
On the other side I have to suffer the shame and awkwardness of getting caught red handed by his brother.

Nah~ it’s worth it, sitting beside him, smelling that soothing smell of his cologne is worth it.
Gosh, I’m sniffing him now? Jeez Joey, seriously?

“We’re sorry for being late for this dinner Mr. Tran, I was playing basketball and forgot about the time, Jiho here had to fetch me” I came back from my deep thoughts when Taewoon spoke.

“Oh it’s not a problem son”
“Uhm, so- why are you guys here- I mean, how’d you guys know each other? Dad?”
“You remember that apartment your uncle was leasing? The one he left to me to manage, well these boys here just moved to that apartment”

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