How to Properly Maintain a Personal Compute

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How to properly maintain a personal compute
A Personal computer is a tool, just like a vehicle that requires maintenance, However, a common sense and know how is only required for a great running Computer.
Dust, Viruses, and Hard drive fragmentation, affects the functionality of computers; therefore, cleaning and maintaining a personal computer periodically is a must.
A computer is just apparel we use daily, and we know bacteria and dust are things we cannot avoid; for this reason we need to constantly wipe and clean the keyboard, mouse, and the screen periodically for our own safety. Every few months we need to open the casing and remove accumulated dust, pollen and other particle, such as human hair and pet’s fur to keep the cooling fan clear and functioning properly.
The hard drive is the heart of the PC and where all files are stored; therefore, cleaning the Hard Drive and defragmenting it is necessary to prevent the computer from slowing down and freezing. Some unused and unnecessary files need to be removed from the Hard Drive to keep the rest of the file accessible and easy retrievable.
Viruses are the biggest concern when it comes to PC’s and personal information security, an antivirus program set on automatic updating and scanning the Hard Drive periodically is the key to keeping a healthy functioning computer. Microsoft Corporation provides an excellent tool called (Microsoft Security Essential) free for everyone to download and use.
Harmful viruses and spy ware sent by hackers, can easily attach themselves to e-mails and cookies; therefore, a fire wall must be installed and activated at all time. Again Microsoft Corporation provides this future free of charge. You can find it in the system and security files.
The following steps are a recommendation for maintaining a computer and…...