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How to Right a Business English Memo or Report

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1. Memo format regarding a newly introduced company policy.

• The contest of a memo must be clear and short, not very long.

• We start as follows:
To: .........................
From: .........................
Subject: .........................
Date: .........................

2. Meetings: be familiar with guidelines of how to conduct a meeting.

3. Write a business letter to an international organization in the format you have learned.

• For business letter is very important to use the correct format and of course, we must use formal language.

4. Write a cover letter for a job application.

• It will be a job of your preference.
• The letter must be brief and not too long

5. Be familiar with the structure of curriculum vitae.

6. Use presentation guidelines to write a mini presentation.

• It will be a motivate presentation for your colleagues, related to the company.
• To start the presentation you can say: “Good morning everyone. I would like to present you...... Please feel free to interrupt me in case you.....”.

7. Learn the differences between the different types of reports and the parts of an analytical one.

8. Be able to write a report of an incident.

• Use passive voice, chronological order and formal language.

9. Write a short argumentative essay and remember to use the structure provided as well as to present both sides.

• Always must present the opinion/view of both sides of the argument!

10. Be familiar with the general writing guidelines for a formal piece of documented writing.

• Do not use “I”, “we” etc but speak generally.
• We need to know at least 10 of these guidelines.

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