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How to Sell Anything to Anybody

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About the Author _ “ The World’s greatest salesman “ - The Ginness book of Records named him , twelve times “ Number One Positive Thinker “ - Dr. Norman Vincent Peale , author of The power of positive thinking Introduction:“Salesmen are made, not born. If I did it, you can do it. I guarantee it “ says Mr Joe Girard, . On January 1 st 1978, Joe Girard quit selling cars. During his fifteen- year of selling Cars (1963 – 1977) he sold 13001 cars at retail. Most of his time is now spent in writing books and columns, giving lectures, sales rallies and consulting. In this book the author describes his own life experience of how he became the number one salesman in the world. Some salient points from his above book are given below: -

1 Winning Bloodless Victories • When a salesman sells there is no loser. Both the buyer and the seller win if it’s a good sale. • If you think the sale ends when ,like they say in the car business , you see the customer’s taillights,you’re going to lose more sales than you ever dreamed of. But if you understand how selling can be a continuing process that never ends, then you’re going to make it the big time. • We are talking about automobiles. People buy them about every three or four years and even less often among the middle and working –class people who were most of my sales. If you are selling clothes or booze or things that people buy a lot more often, getting them back again and again is even more important. But it is harder to do with cars. So if I can show you the ways I kept people coming back to buy cars from me, you know it’s going to mean even more sales for you if you are selling these other kinds of product and services where success depends even more on bringing them back again. • I guarantee you that my system will work for you, if you understand it and follow...

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