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I. Introduction: A. Attention gaining material: Who here has ever been on a diet? How long did you stick to that diet? And did it work? Well, what if I told you that you could lose weight while only watching what you eat twice per week? B. Audience: Most of us have tried some sort of diet and failed. I’m sure we can all agree that dieting is not easy. C. Credibility: Over the last few months I have read several Internet articles and a book called The Fast Diet. Also I have been following the 5:2 Intermittent Fast diet myself. “Calorie restriction is a good way to live a long and miserable life,” says Mike O’Donnell, fitness trainer, coach and author of 2 Meal Solution. (O’Donnell, n.d.) I love to eat and I don’t like counting calories. I discovered a way to lose weight and still enjoy many different types of foods. D. Thesis Statement: Today I would like to inform you about the benefits and types of intermittent fasting, or IF. E. Preview of Main Points: I am going to be talking about three different types of intermittent fasting as well as its benefits including weight loss and living a longer and healthier life.

II. Body: A. It is easy to comply to IF because there are multiple ways to do intermittent fasting. Having various types of IF to choose from allows you to choose one that works best for you. IF is much easier than having to count and restrict calories daily. 1. In a 5:2 fast, men consume 600 calories per day, two days per week and women consume 500 calories per day, two days per week. On the other five days you can eat all of the types of foods you enjoy without the guilt. 2. The Warrior Diet is another type of fasting in which you perform a 20 hour fast every day, and then have one large meal at night. During the fasting part of the day, you can consume a few small servings of raw fruits and vegetables, fresh fruit/veggie juices, and a few small servings of protein. This works for people who enjoy social dinner gatherings. 3. In a Daily 16-hour fast you refrain from eating from 7pm-11am. It is easy to comply because much of that time is spent sleeping.

B. Now that I talked to you about the different types of IF let's talk about one of its benefits, which is, weight loss. 1. When fasting, you burn ketones instead of glucose, thereby burning fat. 2. Growth hormone surges during fasting, helping to build muscle. I got that information from T. Graham in Men’s Journal (Graham, 2012) Conventional wisdom has told us that if we don’t eat will we will lose muscle. However, muscle loss does not occur until at least three days without food. 3. IF decreases insulin levels. When your insulin levels are high you gain weight, or are at least more susceptible to gain weight. I got that information from I was skeptical at First but it actually works. (McMillian, 2011)

C. Now that you have been informed on the different types of IF and its weight loss benefit let’s talk about how it can make you possibly live longer. 1. IF may be helpful in cancer prevention and treatment. Cancer cells feed on glucose. When fasting your glucose is low, therefore removing cancer’s fuel. The same is true of precancerous cells, the type that lead to cancer. "The process of developing cancer could take years, but if that person fasted, those cells could be killed before they had a chance to spread,” says Valter Longo, Director of the University of Southern California Longevity Institute. (Graham, 2012) 2. IF may extend the lifespan and protect against disease. IF has shown to decrease free radicals in your cells, thereby preventing oxidative damage to your cells, which is associated with aging and disease. Also, fasting induces a stress response similar to that of exercise, increasing the cell’s capacity to cope with stress & resist disease & aging. (Hofmekler, 2012) 3. A recent study in June 2012 found that people who fasted had a 58% lower risk of coronary disease compared to those who did not fast. (Mercola, 2013)

III. Conclusion: A. Summary of speech main points: I have now shared with you three different types Intermittent Fasting and there benefits, which are weight loss and a longer, healthier life. B. Take away: Dieting is not easy, but if you have to go on a diet I hope you would consider IF and find the same success with it as I have. C. Closing statement: Intermittent Fasting is not a fad diet, but it has become a new way of life. As the old English Proverb says, “ Don’t dig your grave with your own knife and fork”. (English Proverb)

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