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How to Succeed in Masters Degree Program

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Ideas Learned from Graduate Student Orientation Course Starting a new degree program can be a challenge, especially if one has been out of school for some time. There is an old saying, “Well begun is half done.” (“Proverb Hunter”, 2012) Having a good foundation and ideas at the beginning allows easier and more efficient transition throughout the program. The ideas obtained from the Graduate Student Orientation Course are not something new. However, they can be compared to the missing pieces of a treasure map that has been put away up in the attic. Finding a treasure without them may be possible, but very challenging. By having those missing those missing pieces, the path to the treasure can be clear. I obtained many different ideas from the course, but there are three main ideas, which I believe will be very helpful through my degree program. They are (a) time management, (b) effective writing skills, and (c) use of CSU Online Library.
Time Management
According to Eerde (2003), managing time gives a person a sense of control of time. When a person has a control, it reduces tension and stress. Minimizing those two factors results in a positive performance and outcome. Being stressed about completing a certain task usually results in procrastination. One will try to find a justification to not complete the task right away, because the task will seem too overwhelming when he/she does not have adequate control of time. When the task can be justified as something that does not require an immediate attention, it no longer becomes an important task. In addition, one can still think of it as an important task even if it does not require an immediate attention, but the thought of it being so important becomes so overwhelming that the task becomes a stress factor. A task that was completed under stress usually lacks quality, compared to a task that...

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