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How to Successfully Pass a Job Interview

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Job interview is probably the most difficult part of getting a job, but everyone can make it. The secret is to prepare yourself.
Know your desires! People say that there are no bad employees; there are people on their wrong place. To get to the right place is the main goal each of us that causes our further development of our life and out career.
Analyze vacancy that you’re going to respond.
You should know anything about your employer and the company you’re going to work with including the history and plans of its development. This can really help you to decide wheather or not you want to build your career in that company. Also it is important for the employer to find a worker that will be interested in his job, not only attend in because of money. And prepare to answer the tricky question “Why do you want to work here?”
It is like a trade. The product is your skills and qualifications and the buyer is your employer. To sell yourself successfully you need to know yourself, give objective value to yourself lf IF YOU WILL.
Your appearance. Job interview is the official meeting so your dress code should be appropriate. For girls – pale daily makeup, for boys – a tie! Then author gives a list of typical questions like
Why are you interested in that job? Why do we need you not someone else? What do you think would be the most difficult thing here? Describe your perfect career. Why did you left your previous job? AND SO ON!
When interview is over, shake your employers hand, thank him for the appointment and ask questions about your further actions. Show your interest! And smile….. smile always works...

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