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How to Write a Letter of Application

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4161 North Ruimveldt
Festival City, Ozama Street (592)-218-4239 Apr 1, 2013

Ms. Rachel Phillips
Guyana Defense Force
3269 William Street

Dear Ms. Phillips,
I am very excited about the Forensic Scientist position that has recently become available with Guyana Defense Force.
Gathering evidence from crime scenes is an exciting and rewarding career that has always fascinated me. For this reason, I pursued the education and training needed to qualify me to work in a crime lab. I have earned a bachelor’s degree in forensic science and I am currently working on my masters.
My studies consisted of criminal justice, biochemistry and toxicology and I have completed an internship where I gained extensive lab experience that you can only receive by working with a professional. My experience includes learning how to handle evidence correctly, which includes identifying, labeling, recording and preserving the evidence until needed.
This hands-on experience has also helped me build outstanding organizational and record keeping skills. My verbal and written skills are excellent and I have the ability to communicate efficiently with all levels of management. I understand court procedures and I have the ability to be a credible witness if necessary by explaining what and how evidence was obtained and the impact it has on the case.
I possess excellent problem solving and decision making skills along with the ability to detect even the smallest detail. I know that I am the right person for this position and after viewing the attached resume, I am confident that you will agree. I hope to meet with you soon in person to discuss this position and to go over my credentials in detail. I welcome the chance to become a valuable member of your team.
Please call (592)-218-4239 for an interview.

Yours Sincerly,

Keiann Simon

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