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How to Write an Argument Essay

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How to Write an Argument Essay
Argument essay is also called persuasive essay. The purpose of argumentation is to convince or persuade the reader to believe or accept the certain view point. In order to make the reader agree with your point of view or approve a policy or a course of action that you propose, you should provide sufficient, powerful evidence to support your argument.
To write a good argumentative essay, you should do your best to meet the following requirements. First of all, choose a debatable point. Any statements of facts, personal preference or religious beliefs are not arguable. You should choose something which can be viewed from more than one angle and is therefore open to dispute. Second, provide sufficient evidence. Sufficient evidence includes common knowledge, specific examples, statistics, expert and authoritative opinions, and quotations from authorities. Valid evidence is that which is clearly and directly connected with the point to be proved. Furthermore, good logic is very important because all the facts and evidence should be logically connected with the conclusion and with each other. You can use inductive or deductive way to organize your reasoning.
What’s more, you should also pay more attention to the ways of argumentation. These ways include illustration, quotation, contrast, metaphor, cause-effect, and reduction to absurdity. You can also use these methods in a comprehensive way, for it is helpful to make your essay clearer and more persuasive. As to the means of expression, argumentum is the main mean in an argument essay. However, if you want to express your opinions better, it is also necessary to make use of other means of expression—description, narration, and exposition, in your essay.
In addition, organizational form cannot be ignored. A typical argumentative essay consists of three parts: an introduction which...

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