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How To Write An Essay On The Movie Catch Me

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I chose the film catch me if you can because I feel like it follows the true story well. Many crimes are committed and roles are played by one person.Catch me if you can is based on a true story about Frank W Abagnale. Frank was a doctor, a lawyer, & a co pilot for a major airline company, all before his 19th birthday .He was a master of deception and a successful con artist. He was a brilliant forger, who netted him millions of dollars in stolen funds. Carl Hanratty, An FBI agent made it his prime duty to catch Frank and bring him to justice, but Frank was always one step ahead of him. he was sentenced 12 years and isolation. Hanratty got him off on parole. Part of his parole agreement was for him to work under the supervision of Hanratty, to help the FBI catch con artists. there are many wonderful scenes in this film, but there were a few in particular that stood out to me the most. the first scene that stood out to me the most was when Frank interview the air pilot, and then he found a way to get a uniform and everything he needed to pretend to be a co-pilot. “I was an opportunist so when I saw an opening I ask myself ‘Could I get away with this?’.... The more I got …show more content…
is an expert on fraud, scams, deception, and beating the system. From age 16 to 21 he forged and cashed 2.5 million dollars worth of checks in the u.s. and 26 other countries. She pretended to be an airline pilot, a doctor, a college professor, and an attorney. FBI agent Joseph Shea was the head investigator chasing Frank. he spent several years trying to catch him. For a while Shea did not know Frank was a teenager he thought he was an experience to criminal in his thirties. Frank served time in France, Sweden, and America.She worked with the FBI to stop criminals like himself, which was a part of his parole agreement. He developed a host of fraud prevention programs that are used by more than 14,000 financial institutions corporations and law enforcement

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