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How Will Basic Business Skills Play a Role in Your Professional Life?

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Isaiah Hailey This paper was prepared for BUSN-115 Taught by Professor Lori Farr. Week #: 5 Assignment

How will basic business skills play a role in your professional life?

What you don't know will hurt you. As a professional it couldn't hurt to know as much information as possible regarding not only in your trade but also general business knowledge. Ask yourself, what makes a successful professional? In any professional setting their are common key behaviors, actions, and way of thinking that are universal that are used to craft yourself into the ideal expert in your career. Basic business skills can sometimes be easily looked over in this process. Business skills are vital because they incorporate a array of different skills that are important for any job type. For one people skills are critical no matter what your job entails. Public speaking, handling tense interactions, and using effective teamwork and collaboration skills with other professionals are just a few traits needed. “Too many recent grads are not equipped to present the company well over the phone or in person at networking events, new business meetings, etc.,” says Graham Chapman, account coordinator/new business director at 919 Marketing, a PR and marketing firm in Holly Springs, North Carolina. “If you can’t speak [or] present yourself well, it is hard to help a company drive business.” Proper communication can be make a break a professional, one can be the guru of their field but if they have poor communication skills however knowledgeable or skillful they may be will be easily disregarded.

Communications is one business skill that most would expect to be important in the work place, but the more technical and obvious business orientated are equally important. For example, personally I...

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