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Apply early!
SAIT's programs in advanced technology are very popular and classes tend to fill up quickly. It is recommended that students apply well in advance. Applications will be accepted starting on the following dates:

January intake 2014
Applications open: Aug. 1, 2013
May intake 2014
Applications Open: Aug. 1, 2013
September intake 2014
Applications open: Oct. 18, 2013
Note: The deadline to apply for most fall semester programs is June/July. We continue to accept applications until all seats in a program are filled. To increase your chances of gaining acceptance into a high demand program or an academic program with selection, we recommend you apply for the fall semester before March 1.
Application process
Step 1: Submit SAIT application & transcripts

Apply online at ApplyAlberta and send in your high school/post-secondary transcripts (original & English translation) to (colour scan of original transcripts), mail (original documents), or in person.

Documents Required:

• Original official high school transcript (last three years) and postsecondary transcripts (if applicable)
• Original English translation of transcripts (notarized or certified translations)
• Original diploma /degree (Graduation Certificate) and the English translation
• English language proficiency results for direct entry (IELTS Academic, TOEFL Internet Based, CLBA, CAEL)
• Any other documents that are part of the admissions requirements for a specific program

Please note: All electronic transcripts must be in color. Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition will only accept color scanned originals of documents if sending in by email.

Step 2: Pay initial fee

When applying, the $200 CDN (non-refundable) application fee must be paid by cash, cheque, Certified Cheque, Visa or MasterCard at the time the...

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