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How to Define Project Success?

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How to define project success? My perspective


Traditionally, a triple constraint is used to measure project success. These triple constraints are time, cost and scope/quality and builds inseparable arms of a triangle.

This traditional de facto method to define and measure project success is one aspect of measuring metrics that used to measure project outputs. A project delivered on time, within budget and meet 100% of its scope specifications may not necessarily be perceived to be successful by key stakeholders. In fact, there should be additional metrics to measure the business outcomes like stakeholder and customer satisfaction, meeting business goals, customer and or end-user adoption, quality assurance, risk management, alignment of governance strategies and realization of benefits.

This paper presents the views that traditional method alone is not adequate to define project success based on the today’s competitive project environments. Project managers need to broaden their perspective to include other metrics as mentioned above to define project successfulness.


Traditionally, project success is measured by the three inter-related factors that deliver values to the project outcomes. These three benchmarks criteria are represented as a triangle as shown in below (Fig-1).

If we make any change to any of these factors, it will affect the other two factors and needed to be altered or adjusted accordingly. Let say, the stakeholders have amended some new requirements to the scope of the project which were not realized by them at the initial stage. Fig-1
These changes in scope can accommodate in three ways:

1. Keep the cost fixed, extend the due-date or completion time
( Fig-2 ) 2. Keep the completion time fixed, increase the cost ( Fig-3 ) 3. Increase the cost and extend the...

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