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How to Find Money

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We have to look at several options
1. Cash.. Do we have any cash we can use to finance these expenses?
2. Liquid assets such as Marketable securities and current assets
3. Liabilities: Taking a loan or to issue bonds
4. Issue shares
5. Hold on paying dividends to cover this project
6. Look for efficiencies ( waste in our process that is occurring with costs that can be translated into cash the company can use for example inefficiencies in collecting money, or not moving inventory fast enough)
Consider and evaluate the likelihood of each option
• The company does not have any cash to use. The company has $60,000 of marketable securities that can be converted to cash.
• The company has $300,000.00 Account receivables that the company could collect.
• Our inventory has increased.. 2009 Days’ Sales in Inventory = 350’000/(1000’0000/3650) = 127 days. 2010 Days’ Sales in Inventory = 228.125. inventory is saying over 100days before they moved in 2010. How can management improve operations and control our inventory
• The company has a lot of debt and if we look to their debt to cash ratio they are struggling with paying their interest
• The company has 2 long term liabilities that will mature in 2013 and 2014. Long term Debt to equity in 2009 is.52. in 2010 0.69. Our long term debt to equity is increasing.
• The company Administrative and general expenses went up by 40’000 how can this be improved? Why did it go up
• The company took a $240000 line of credit which increased the company’s liabilities. Where did we use that money
• The company can issue more shares however it will be very hard to sell at $1.5 with the current financial situation
• If the company loses the legal dispute the company will have to pay $200000. In the company’s current financial situation this is a massive risk
• Leasing is another option but, how can they lease and they...

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