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How to Hasten Up the Search and Rescue of the Lost Trekkers

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How to hasten up the search and rescue of the lost trekkers

Jatin Ashra
DSV, Stockholm University

Consider a recent incident of flight MH370, where even with state of the art GPS systems, we do not know the where about of the flight even after so many months. In today’s world, even with available latest technology, it has become difficult to search some things like an aero plane etc. Imagine how difficult the task of search and rescue team might be to locate people who might have got lost in the forest while trekking or hiking. This paper explores how information from previously lost trekkers can help the rescue teams in helping in some way to locate the lost people.
The study surveyed some of the experienced trekkers from southern India and how the information from them is useful in at least knowing the starting point of the search. How their personal experiences can contribute in helping other trekkers, search and rescue teams and other involved people in the search.

1. Introduction
In this chapter, the background, research aims and objectives, research questions and also limitations of the study will be presented.
1.1 Background
Research Problem:
Mountaineering, trekking, hiking is one of the most common weekend getaways for young and energetic people. The outcome is both pleasure and fitness.
The locations chosen by them to explore the vast wilderness tend to be unexplored mountains, valleys, peaks and plains. The most common equipment which helps them in this area, are the maps and GPS devices. Most experienced people tend to explore alone without local guides using only maps and GPS.
Weather conditions play an important role during treks. If the weather is good the trek is pleasant and enjoyable and if it is bad then, there might be issues like bad light, thick fog, very heavy rains, blizzards, animal attacks and even...

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