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How to Maintain Your Computer

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Properly Maintain Your Computer 1

How to Properly Maintain Your Computer

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With technology on the rise, computers have taken over and become a necessity in our daily lives. With high speed Internet we have many uses for our computers such as looking for the best shopping deals, gathering news from around the world, watching videos or exploring the web. For some people their careers depend on a computer. Graphic design artists use illustrator and Photoshop to come up with designs for a company logo or website. All these uses put wear and tear on a computer. Like a car, your computer needs to be properly cared for and looked after. There are a few simple steps one can follow to maintain a well functioning computer.

Before going above and beyond and taking your computer fully apart you might want to first make sure you have a good anti-virus software installed onto your computer. It is very important that you have this because malware can be very harmful. Also you don’t want to let your hard drive work to hard; your computer is an expensive tool. Clearing out unused files and programs will help take some load off. This is called disk clean up and should be done monthly. These files, like all the rest take up space, which overworks your computer. With constant usage it produces a lot wear and tear. Take a look at your Windows registry. Is it clogged with a lot of junk? Unclogging it can really help the performance of your computer.

Next you should go through all your files you have stored up. Over time, your files from downloading music, movies, and programs can become fragmented. When this happens it makes your computer work harder to start the file up, which slows your computer down. You can defragment your computer by running the disk defragmenter. This will locate all your files that have been shuffled around and will reorganize your files in an orderly manner. Since you’re in the process of deleting and removing, temporary files like caches and cookies from Internet browsers should be deleted. Over time these files become stored and will start to slow down your computer. Deleting files from time to time can be a great way to keep your computer maintained and in good working condition.

While keeping your computer in tiptop shape on the outside is a great idea to do, all the most important maintenance for a computer is mainly software oriented. It is nice to do an overhaul and clean every inch of your computer; but for a device like a home computer, you rarely have too. Updates and upgrades like adding more memory, video cards and even a surge cable can be installed or connected to your computer for better performance. Finally just simply turning off your computer every once in awhile is always a good thing. All these steps and suggestions can prolong the life of your computer. It’s like a human eating their veggies to keep healthy, but for a computer. It keeps it strong and happy with less stress or over exertion.

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