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How to Make Research Classes More Beneficial

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1) To make it more relevant and useful , literature review sessions should be there specialization wise ,e.g. Separate h rm, finance, marketing literature review sessions taken by faculties who are specialized in that subject so that students are able to understand and appreciate the nuances in a better way .

2) If the specialization faculties can take classes for gap identification , developing research questions in their particular field only it will be very beneficial for students. Eg Finance faculty can take 2 examples in the field of finance of how to do gap identification , to develop research questions, how to write problem statement it shall be helpful.

3) As it happens in other university in every management subjects , selected readings of specified articles can be done by students which can be discussed in class by faculty and students to find out the latest trends in those areas . I have attached a sample for Organisational Behaviour followed 4) 5) If the students are given training in spss on a continuous basis from November –december session during the core paper time .they will be better able to understand it since they will have time to practice. 6) If the students are given a names of companies which can be approached forr interviews or questionnaires filling it shall be nice. 7) If a 4 days workshop can be conducted of how to develop and make a research paper and present it , it shall be really nice . which can be made payable by students .for this a sample brochure has been attached

8) Once we make a paper in the 4 days seminar students can actually attend the international conference in get inputs of how to make it more publishable as per their field .

9) If our university can call experts or editors subject specialization wise to share their knowledge about how to publish papers it shall be useful.

Lastly I thank all the blogs and internet sites and papers , university sites which i went to think of all these points as I donot I would have thought of all these points

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