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How to Make Rice

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How to make rice

Making rice is an art form. Well for me it is. I make rice everyday, seven days a week. Each I make it, it is an awarding experience. Making is a craft, like how boxing craft. I am very dedicated on making the best possible rice there is. Making it is a simple four step process, but first you need the materials. The material you need is very important in this process, because without it there is no way on making rice the efficient way. The material you will need is a rice cooker, the rice/water cup, water, and rice.

The very first step in making rice, is getting the rice bag, the rice cup, and the rice cooker. If the rice cooker is not clean it is important to wash it. If you do not clean it thoroughly you and the people who will eat the rice may get sick.(you can get sued) Once you have clean the rice cooker, it is important to make sure that their is no soap residue inside the rice cooker, because if the body consume the soapy liquid, you may end up using the bathroom.

Step two is using the rice/water on scooping the rice. Now with the rice that you have (preferably jasmine rice or japanese rice) scoop up the desirable amount. Now depending on the amount of people who is going to eat the rice, it is very important you know how much per cup can feed per person. Once cup of rice can feed one person, but if you make one cup and half, then you can feed two people.(amazing) So in my family there is five of us.I have to make 3 cups of per meal, so in one I make a total of six cup.

Step three, the rinsing stage. This is the most important step of them all. Rinsing rice is what I live for. I live for this moment in making rice every time I make it, because it is the most exciting moment in it. The tingling sensation through your fingertip to palms of my hands. This feeling appalling is a big in why I make rice. So when rinsing the rice, you have to massage the rice with passion; you have to push down with palm, and curl it with your fingers. This is a great thing to do also because you are strengthening hand in a way. For example when fighter (MMA/boxer) put their hands inside buckets or bags of rice and curl or push as far as they can to strengthen it. So if you have enough rice in the rice cooker that it is able to cover your hand to the wrist while rinsing, I believe you're exercising.

Step four, the measuring of water moment. This stage is all about precision. Here you are required to measure the water to the amount of the rice. Now this gets technical., I have talked o other people on making concern with the water rice proportion. I have discovered that it depends on how family make the rice and what type of rice cooker you have. For example my grandfather taught to me to use my ring finger to measure the water, while my mother has taught to add one extra of water to my rice amount. To further explain my mother’s method is if you put three cups of rice then you must pour in four cups or four and a or half cups of water. Both methods work , but the result are different. My grandfather’s way is slightly dry, but a little moist. My mother way is the rice is sticky. That is ultimate goal to make rice.

Step five, the compacting stage. This simple and yet so eloquent stage is last step of making rice. All you have to is simply flatten the rice. You have a open palm when you do this. Open as wide can and push down the rice. make sure that there is no dips in the rice. Once you have completed that you must re-check the water rice ratio.

Making rice is an art. This is the type of art that anyone can do. All you need is a rice cooker, rice/water cup, rice, and water. With these you can make a delicious food called rice. There is five simple steps on making rice. Rice is something that everybody should enjoy eating and making.

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