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How to Prevent Polarization

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1. INTRODUCTION 3 1.1 The research problem. 4 1.2 Rationale or purpose of the study. 4 1.3 The objectives of the study. 4 1.4 Research question(s). 4


3. PROPOSED METHODOLOGY 6 3.1 Research design. 6 3.2 Data sources 7 3.3 Data collection techniques. 7 3.4. Issues of reliability and validity. 8 3.5 Sampling techniques. 8 3.6 Definitions of key terms, concepts and variables. 9 3.7 Data analysis and interpretation. 9 3.8 Ethical considerations. 10 3.8.1 Confidentiality. 10 3.8.2 Informed consent 10 3.8.3 Provision of debriefing, counseling and additional information. 10 3.9. Pretest or pilot study. 11



From here on, please use 1, 5 spacing in your text. Should you include tables in your introduction or literature review, please number them Table 1, Table 2, etc.

(Give a brief title for your proposed study here. For example: An investigation into the causes of burnout amongst volunteer caregivers in a home-based HIV-AIDS support program. It does not have to be perfect at the first attempt. You might change it as...

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