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How to Start Medical Billing

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How to Start a Medical Billing Business
A Research Paper For: Medical Billing

Mr. Edgar Raule

Prepared by Osary Rodriguez

September 5, 2012

This has been a successful business for me in the first year I did not make a lot of money but I did not loss any money at all. Opening a medical billing office is not to easy but with correct person working with you and dedication to do your best job anything is possible concentration is key to do a correct job. In my case my dedication is everything I open a small business of medical billing. My clients are so satisfied with job that I’m making more money through the years and in the future I will make my business a bigger office and hired more employee to better serve the medical billing industry.

They are different ways to start a medical billing business but first you need to know what medical billing is all about. Medical billing is the of receiving payment from the insurance companies to the health care provide for my services done to the patient. In this paper we will learn how to create a medical billing business, how to manage the business the expenses, investment and how we can make some profit from the business. Before you start a medical billing business the primary thin you need to know is to be organized that is one of the ways you can be successful in the medical billing business. When you first start planning a business you need all the basic before you begging your business here are a list of what I will need to know: * Posting any payment done into the system * Collection on non-payment * Mailing the statement to the patient * Appeals and claims denials * Following all un paid insurance * Give information to the patient about the account * Posting any information of patient in the system

However before I start I need to know how much am investing for billing software, coding...

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