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How to Train a Dragon

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Assignment Title: Cultural Diversity


The unit aims to introduce you to a range of beliefs held by individuals within our society. It will help you to understand and value the ways in which we are different. You will learn what is meant by cultural diversity and about the beliefs of individuals from a wide range of different religious and secular backgrounds. The unit covers the factors that influence the equality of opportunity within our society which will help you to promote the equality of opportunity for service users in health and social care environments if you move to a career in this area of work.

Task Overview

You are a Learning Disabilities Nurse at the Queens Medical Centre in Nottingham and as an additional responsibility you are responsible for the promotion of Equality and Diversity on the ward in which you work. This involves updating displays and leading staff training exercises related to equality, diversity and non-discriminatory practice.

Date of issue: Date of submission:

Learning outcomes

On completion of this unit, you should:

1. Know diversity of individuals in society. 2. Understand beliefs and practices in different religious or secular groups. 3. Understand factors that influence the equality of opportunity for individuals in society. 4. Know the role of legislation, codes of practice and charters in promoting diversity.

Refer to the assignment task sheet and the criteria tick sheet to ensure that you meet the standards for pass, merit and distinction for Unit 6. There are FOUR tasks to complete for this unit.
Assignment Task Sheet

Task | Activities | Assessment criteria | 1 | Factors that Make People DifferentDate task set:Deadline: Imagine you are a learning disabilities nurse on a Children’s ward at the QMC. You have been asked by your manager to...

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