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How to Us Msedit on a X64 Bit Operating System

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MSEDIT x64 Bit Operating System

MSEDIT x64 Bit Operating System

Table of Contents:

Table of Contents 1
Scope 2
Installation 2 Download Proper Software 2 Setup of New Program 15 Verification of Functionality 21
Glossary 22
References 22


The purpose of this manual is to instruct readers on how to install and run MSEDIT on a x64 bit operating system. Currently, MSEDIT will not run correctly on x64 bit machines. This is due to MSEDIT being written with a x16 bit program. With a x32 bit operating system, it is able to read and run MSEDIT without a problem because it was designed to do so. After Windows 7 came out, it introduced the x64 bit operating system which all companies are starting to go to due to faster processing speeds. This created a problem for older software, which, again, was built using a x16 bit program, not being able to function correctly or even run. This instructional will be able to help readers be able to utilize MSEDIT on their personal computer that is running a x64 bit operating system.

Installation Download Proper Software 1. Go to:

2. Select the x64 version then click next 3. Click on the download button that pops up on the bottom of the screen

4. Click Yes

5. Click “I Accept” 6. Click “Restart Now” 7. When computer restarts, click on the start menu. Note: start menu icons may vary depending on what computer you have and what operating system is currently on it. 8. When the start menu opens up, click on All Programs 9. Scroll Down to Windows Virtual PC, and click on Windows XP Mode 10. Click on the Download button

11. When the webpage pulls up, click the download button 12. Checkmark both…...

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