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How to use the niche club preparation folder

This folder is divided into 9 main parts: 1. Must Do – This folder contains essential readings that we consider are extremely important for your interviews. 2. Should Do – This folder contains important readings that one should read after finishing the “Must Do” folder. It builds upon the articles on the “Must Do” folder. 3. Can Do – This folder contains articles referring to a variety of topics on marketing. This folder would help you look more knowledgeable in an interview if they quiz you on these topics. 4. Career Guide – The career guide helps you decide why marketing should be your career option. It also talks about the skills required to be a successful marketer. 5. Brand Updates – This folder contains information about different companies and must be done once you get the shortlists from these companies. 6. REMs – This folder contains all the documents used in the Niche placement preparation REMs. 7. Questions asked in summers – This folder contains questions that were asked by different companies in the previous years. We are updating the folder with feedback from as many Tuchhas as possible but it will not contain the entire spectrum of questions and should be used only to identify a trend. 8. Interesting links – This folder contains interesting links that we think are useful for you. We would keep updating the same during the course of your preparation. 9. Newsletters – This folder contains the Niche newsletters and articles that had been mailed to you previously.

The division is not strict and simply aims to provide every one of you with a roadmap for preparation. This preparation is in addition to HR preparation that you all are expected to do. In addition, you are expected to know about the latest trends in marketing. In case of any doubt/suggestion or clarification, feel free to reach out to any Niche Club member. Best of Luck, Team Niche

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