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How to World Will Come to an End

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“People are either wondering or boggling from death. Even the death of a person is very terrifying, the end of humanity and universe is not imaginable. Humankind has been wondering how and when the Earth ends for thousands of years. The reasons of wondering may be for different topics such as; to be prepared spiritually or religiously or to spend all the money that a person has or enjoy the life more. Related to how the Earth is going to end, the concepts of exemptionalist, environmentalist, universe and judgment day should be known. Initially, exemptionalists are the people who see the humankind that can handle every problem, so they claim that the problems which occur do not require worrying about. On the other hand, environmentalists are the people who see humankind as a part of a nature so they point out that humankind is related to environment directly, hence humankind is affected all the problems about environment. Universe is the place where everything stays and occurs in. Universe was created from nothing with Big Bang. This place applies physical laws. Judgment day is the time many religions accept that God will end the life which we live. Mainly theories about end of the world can be separated into three groups which are the end because of human based problems, physical destruction of universe and the order of God. Although the human based damages on the Earth are getting more and more serious and physical collapse of universe makes sense scientifically, the decision of end of the world only depends on the owner of everything, the God, not the humankind.
To begin with, humankind must be seen as a one living organism and living things do not harm, on the contrary save themselves when the conditions become serious. There are many problems and treats that nature encounters with such as; global warming, epidemic diseases, pollution, overpopulation, deforestation and nuclear weapons. All of these affect humanity badly. The effects can be seen by many events in the world such as; changing climates, holocausts because of diseases, famines, droughts, destruction of nature where nuclear weapons shot (Wilson, 2005). Although the world is a bad area for these reasons and the situation is getting worse, it does not mean that these cause an end. Wonderful environment is becoming worse, the affluence, comfort and happiness of humanity is decreasing, but that is all. Seeing this way of the world as an end is pessimism. The reason of this bad way is that people are harming the world, the world is not harming people that much. If the world harmed people seriously, intelligence of humans would help themselves to take precautions. For instance, someone can cut a tree to sell or dress for Christmas as it has been doing for many years, but if the situation changes and a person knew cutting this tree would cause lack of oxygen to him, he would not cut the tree. The transcendent in intelligence and spirit of humankind can be understood by this simple example. Maybe the world will not be such a wonderful place to live or many people will die, but the life will go on. This shows us both exemptionalists and environmentalists are right for some reasons. Although exemptionalists are fanciful and wrong in most of their solutions about problems such as;
"Population growth? Good for economy, claim some of the exemptionalists, and in any case a basic human right, so let it run. Land shortages? Try fusion energy to power the desalting of sea water, then reclaim the world's deserts. (The process might be assisted by towing icebergs to coastal pipelines.) Species going extinct? Not to worry. That is nature's way. Think of humankind as only the latest in a long line of exterminating agents in geological times....So hold the course, and touch the breaks lightly(Wilson,2005,p1)" they are right in a point that people can go on life by ingenuity when the living situations become unfavorable. Environmentalists are right that humankind will suffer as the nature, where humankind belongs to, is harmed. Nevermore, humankind will not finish the life on Earth by itself.
Also, the possibility of destruction of universe when people are living is really very small because it requires a very long time and the raw materials and sources that humans need will be finished until this time. Some theories about end of the universe are following. The first important theory is the big freeze "The Big Freeze is a scenario under which continued expansion results in a universe that is too cold to sustain life. It could, in the absence of dark energy, occur only under a flat or hyperbolic geometry, because such geometries then are a necessary condition for a universe that expands forever."(wikipedia, ultimate fate of the universe). The second important theory is big rip and it says." all material objects in the universe, starting with galaxies and eventually (in a finite time) all life forms, no matter how small, will disintegrate into unbound elementary particles and radiation, ripped apart by the phantom energy force and shooting apart from each other."(wikipedia, ultimate fate of the universe). The last important theory is big crunch and the main point is that as opposite of big bang, what causes increasing of volume of universe, the universe will start to contract. The main reason of this contracting is a physical low that 2 materials which have a mass pull eachothers. By this law everything pulls other things with equal forces and universe starts to contract to the center of it(wikipedia). These theories may end the universe, but it is certain that the world and life of humankind will finish before it. Conducted scientific research points out that universe born 10-20 billions years ago and the universe is getting bigger right now. Logically, the thought of humankind will be destroyed because of big crouch is wrong. If the expansion started 10-20 billions years ago and if this expansion keeps going, the full contracting takes more than 10-20 billions years. The main source of life in the world is the Sun and it can not live that much and lose its energy before this time. By the similar logic the theory of end of world because of big freeze and big rip are wrong because the Sun do not have that much energy to keep us alive for this time interval. This shows us the world will end before the end of universe and there must be another power to end it.
Finally, the signs and beliefs prove that God is the creator and owner of universe and decides everything including end of world. . God said this world is going to have an end in his own words in Quran and Bible and also it is said people will see judgment day. Initially, it is needed to convince some people who could not understand the God created everything and have power to do everything that even people can not imagine. The belief to God is not only emotional and spiritual but also scientifically proved. Several scientific examples as followings will be enough to admit that God exists. The enlargement speed of universe is so critical that, if this speed was less than one over a hundred thousand million times just after one second from big bang, the universe would collapse in its center before it gain the volume that it has now (Hawking, 1988). One of the 5 most famous physicists gave a very surprising number against the people who do not believe in God in his book which named God and the New Physics. The chance of creating such a universe where the stars can occur is one over 10^10^21, which is ten to the 1000000...000 the number of zeros are 22(Davies, 1983). The ratio where the gravitation force and weak atomic mass can support life is 10^1000...000 the number of zeros are a hundred. These are so efficient numbers and ratios. The time and procedure how the world is going to end are not exact but God gives us some clues about time and procedure. Apostles understood from the conservations with Jesus that "man's corrupt civilization will be swept away and a new era will dawn at the return of Christ." (Horner,2003, p.4). The exact time of judgment day is not known and a sentence from Bible "So you also must be ready, because the Son of Man will come at an hour when you do not expect him."(Matthew 24:44) shows us nobody can know the time. There are several suras in Quran which say the end will come from God. "When the horn is blown once. The earth and the mountains will be carried off and crushed; utterly crushed. That is the day when the inevitable event will come to pass." (Quran, 69:13-15). As it is well known, Quran was sent to people and the following verse of Quran proves that humankind will not extinct before judgment day. "Are they waiting until the Hour comes to them suddenly? All the signs thereof have already come. Once the Hour comes to them, how will they benefit from their message?" (Quran, 47:18). The creator of this world will give us another home after he decided the humans' life on the world is over.
To sum up; the world will end by an order from God in near future, because many signs of approaching end of the world such as; splitting of moon, long term wars, religious deceptions, counterfeit Christianity teacher, famines etc. happened. If we look at the theories about end of the world; firstly, he bad effects of humankind in the world damages all people but not brings the end; secondly, before the physical destruction of universe, world already becomes a place where living things do not exist; thirdly God do not allow the end of the world before he decide and protect his dear faithful vassals. The time of end is not the point; the point is to be prepared to judgment day spiritually. The wonderful world should not be damaged, nobody wants that world lose its beauty; therefore, environmentalists should be supported not only for world but also for the healthy life of humanity. As a result, people should be ready for judgment day and the weakness and corruption of humankind against God should be understood”.

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