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How to Write a Check

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Topic: How to write a Check and a deposit slip

Specific Purpose: To inform my audience about the advantages of knowing how to properly fill out a check and deposit slip.

Thesis: Many people were never taught how to properly fill out a check or deposit slip so today I am going to teach you how.

I. Introduction

A. Attention Getter: How many of you would know how to write a check if you were asked right now?

B. Central Idea: Today I’m going to show you how to properly fill out a check and a deposit slip

C. It is very important that everybody knows how to properly fill out a check and deposit slip

D. I fill first be showing you how to fill out a check and explain why it is important that everyone knows how to fill one out. I will then tell you how to fill out a deposit slip and explain why it is important to know how to fill one out.

II. Main Point 1: How to fill out a check and why it is important

Sub-point 1. Payee Line

a. Cashing a Check?

b. Depositing into someone else’s account?

Sub-point 2. Amount and Signature

a. Make sure amount on line equals amount in box

b. Always sign the front of the check

c. If the check is made out to you sign the back of the check

Transition: Now that you know how to fill out a check, let me show you how to fill out a deposit slip.

III. Main Point 2: How to fill out a deposit slip and why it is important

Sub-point 1. Name and signature

a. Always write your name

b. Always sign if you are receiving cash back

Sub-point 2. Amount

a. Make sure cash amount is on cash line and checks on their own line

b. Always make sure you calculate how much cash you would like to get back

V. Conclusion

A. Restate Thesis: Many people were never taught how to properly fill out a check or deposit slip so today I am going to teach you how.

B. Review Main Points: Today I showed you how to fill and a check and a deposit slip. I also explained to you why it is important to know how to fill out these documents most use every day

C. Final Thought: Many people have not learned how to fill out simple documents that are important if you use a bank but hopefully after today you now know the basics.

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