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ASSESSING A PRODUCT'S EXPORT POTENTIAL There are several ways to gauge the overseas market potential of products and services. (For ease of reading, products are mentioned more than services in this guide, but much of the discussion applies to both.) One of the most important ways is to assess the product's success in domestic markets. If a company succeeds at selling in a domestic market, there is a good chance that it will also be successful in markets abroad, wherever similar needs and conditions exist. In markets that differ significantly from the domestic market, some products may have limited potential. Those differences may be climate and environmental factors, social and cultural factors, local availability of raw materials or product alternatives, lower wage costs, lower purchasing power, the availability of foreign exchange (hard currencies like the dollar, the British pound, and the Japanese yen), government import controls, and many other factors. If a product is successful in a domestic market, one strategy for export success may be a careful analysis of why it sells here, followed by a selection of similar markets abroad. In this way, little or no product modification is required. If a product is not new or unique, low-cost market research may already be available to help assess its overseas market potential. In addition, international trade statistics (available in many local libraries) can give a preliminary indication of overseas markets for a particular product by showing where similar or related products are already being sold in significant quantities. If a product is unique or has important features that are hard to duplicate abroad, chances are good for finding an export market. For a unique product, competition may be nonexistent or very slight, while demand may be quite high. Finally, even if domestic sales of a product are...

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