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Howard’s Camera Operational Proposal

Howard’s Cameras is a privately owned retailer of digital cameras with 5 stores in central Ohio. The Goal of the operational proposal is to determine of the 5 potential web-hosting companies we can chose from, which company can achieve as many of the following requirements as possible while not exceeding the allocated budget of $10,000 for initial website development as well as the allocated $6,000 per year for maintenance and upkeep of the website.
In order for Howards Camera to be successful one as an online ecommerce business, the company needs to partner with a web hosting company that can develop a website that will allow Howards Camera to execute against their strategic goals. As we review the 5 potential web-hosting companies, we take a deep look into the capabilities of each company in order to determine which of the 5 will win the Howards Camera business.
Project Planning
It is important for the company selected to be able to have sufficient project planning capabilities to ensure that the goals established are being met. From the onset, there needs to be conversations with key stakeholders who can articulate to the web-hosting company the needs of the company and their vision so that goals can be set, actual deliverables should be outlined so that each owner of the project understands what is expected of them to achieve the goal. There needs to be a project schedule established so that it’s clear what actions needs to be taken to hit project goals.
Graphic Design Essentially it is important for the selected web-hosting company to be able to comply with the usability requirements for the website. The website needs to be user-friendly and not appear to be over cluttered or too difficult to navigate. In addition, can the web-hosting company create the desired look and feel of the website that will...

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