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Howl's Moving Castle Themes

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The movie Howl’s Moving Castle was a movie about a young woman cursed by witch and now is old. She begins her journey to look for her sister but comes upon a castle… Not a normal castle… A moving one to be exact. No one actually excepted Howl which was the demon guy, that’s why he had a cloak to hide the castle he lived in. This story included several types of themes including war, love and etc. The theme of war means that people are about to fight because the prince was kidnapped. A young woman named Sophie and a Witch formerly known as The Wicked Witch of the Waste had a love connection with a demon named Howl. A love connection theme is when there is a romantic telling that’s going on in a story for example The Howl and...

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...One of the many themes in Howl's Moving Castle is that you cannot judge people by how they look. Howl’s Moving Castle is about a young woman, Sophie, who gets a curse placed on her. The curse makes her look how she acts, which is an old lady. Sophie meets a wizard, Howl, and moves in with Howl, Calcifier, and Markl. They work together to break the curse placed on Howl, Calcifer, and Sophie. They spend most of their time in Howl's castle. Many people assume that prettier people are nicer and ugly people are mean, but that is not always the case. The movie is trying to teach the viewers that they should judge people based on personality and actions, and not how they look. The theme is shown through the dialogue, events, and motifs in the story....

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...War is an endless topic, and an ongoing  conversation. In the movie , Howls Castle,  war is   condemned by both main characters,  shown as both pointless  and malevolent. Itt starts off in a modern town. Throughout the beginning, a girl named Sophie is turned into  an older woman but a richer upper-class woman. Sophie ends up in Howls Castle, and after meeting with Calcifer (a fire demon) stays for a bit.  During her time there, a war is  engaged. Howl, a wizard  with  an obvious secret, fights and meets with some of the top leaders. Howl can be seen  fighting with other creatures and talking with Sophie about how wasteful and  harmful the war is. With this, I've concluded that the theme of Howl's Moving Castle is that war is bad.  In the story,...

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