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Corporate Universities
[Facts and current trends about corporate universities * History of CU * What are corporate universities? * CU aim / goals of a CU ( * Why corporate universities gaining momentum / need of CU * * Difference between CU model and traditional training department ( also diff. between traditional and strategic approach to learning ) * Advantages of CU model * Disadvantages of CU model
( ) * Phases of CU * Worlds biggest CU ( * ]Shilpa
* Designing and Running a CU ( * Four phases of setting up a CU ( * Embrace Technology: Implementation & use of E-learning in CU]Seema (in 2 slides) * [ * Curriculum and ROI ( ) * * Corporate Universities Best Practices * Top Dogs in CU Arena (...

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...Insight paper Does your employer brand inspire top talent? Jumping on the employer branding bandwagon A strong brand can be a company’s most valuable asset, increasing customer loyalty or acting as a differentiator in a crowded market place. An employer brand can be used for similar effects, lowering turnover due to higher employee loyalty and helping employers stick out in the increasingly competitive job market. Despite the hype about employer branding, most companies still have difficulty in conceiving a serious and ‘thoughtthrough’ approach to the topic. To understand why an employer brand cannot be simply assembled out of a ‘how-to’ guide, let’s have a look at the definition of employer branding. There are dozens of definitions about employer branding flying around in the HR industry and most are perfectly usable. However, we will stick to the CIPD’s definition (Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, 2008)1: An employer brand is a set of attributes and qualities – often intangible – that makes an organisation distinctive, promises a particular kind of employment experience, and appeals to those people who will thrive and perform to their best in its culture. Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development In the above definition there is one important word: ‘intangible’. Employer branding is indeed a complex mix between your organisational identity and culture and its members (Tikoo, 2004)2, which is probably the reason why so many...

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Repercussions in Recruiting Incompetent People their advertisement. Only a few candidates were attracted by their advertisement. According to that the company struggled to fit the suitable guy in that position. Marketing manager and the HR manager had shortlisted the CV s and called only 3 candidates for first interview. Two candidates were selected for final interview in rush manner. Final interview wasn’t conducted in the fixed date and it was postponed because of Marketing Director and his team wanted to attend for an Exhibition. Final interview was carried out 5 days after the exhibition by CEO and Marketing Director and Mr. Anton was selected as the new Brand Manager. Mr. Anton was asked to join to the company as soon as possible. He was joined as following week and he wasn’t familiarized with the systems and the process of the company and he immediately got involved the works at very 1st days. When he was asked to prepare branding strategy he had no idea about it. Although he prepared the branding strategy it was substandard. Finally he had known the actual role as the brand manager and found himself as not competent enough for the duties entrusted to him. At sometimes he was listening to his subordinates in terms of technical areas of the job. Thereby the market for the Baby Soap was significantly dropped. So branding team also was fed up and de motivated because of the target wasn’t achieved. Finally management of GCP decided to extend the probation...

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...Brand Equity Aims Ø Three Types of Brand Equity Ø What are they? Ø How to create and measure? 1 Brand Excels at Delivering Benefits Customers Truly Desire Strongly Agree Strongly Disagree Brand Stays Relevant Strongly Agree Strongly Disagree 2 Brand is Properly Positioned Strongly Agree Strongly Disagree Brand is Consistent Strongly Agree Strongly Disagree Brand Managers Understand what the Brand Means to Consumers Strongly Agree Strongly Disagree 3 Brand Equity Brand Equity: 3 Approaches 1.  Customer Based Brand Equity (CBBE) 2.  Financial Brand Equity 3.  Employer Brand Equity CBBE Customer-based Brand Equity: Differential effect that brand knowledge has on consumer response to the marketing of that brand 4 Customer-Based Brand Equity (CBBE) Model Consumer Response to Marketing Brand Knowledge Differential Effect Brand Equity arises from differences in CONSUMER response What CONSUMERS learn, felt, seen, heard, experienced over time Reflected in CONSUMER perceptions, preferences, and behavior related to all aspects of the marketing of a brand The Brand is in the Mind of the Customer •  What do I know about it? •  What do I feel towards it? •  What was it like to use? How does a Crow count? 5 Brand Identity “Brand identity is a unique set of associations the brand strategist aspires to create or maintain. These associations represent what the brand stands for and imply a......

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...MARKETING PROJECT:  TABLE OF CONTENTS: 1. Acknowledgment ------------------------------ 1 2. Introduction ----------------------------- 2 3. Summary ------------------------------ 3 4. Objectives ------------------------------ 4 5. Marketing Plan ------------------------------ 9 6. Market Segmentation ------------------------------ 12 7. Product Positioning ------------------------------ 14 8. Product Branding ------------------------------ 16 9. Product Packaging ------------------------------- 17 10. Product labeling ------------------------------- 18 11. Marketing Mix ------------------------------- 20 12. Financial Plan -------------------------------- 22 ACKNOWLEDGMENT LETTER By the grace of Allah Almighty, we have successfully completed the term report on our business proposal. The project was assigned to us by Mr Irfan Hameed. We are thankful to him for giving us a chance to learn about business strategies. This will help us in enhancing our entrepreneurial and creative skills. In successful launch of our Product Wbs cr25, we are thankful to several people without whom the launch would not have been possible. We thank our families for their support and coping up with our absences. Our class fellows and friends also helped us with their suggestions and ideas. Finally,......

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...C H A P T E R 1 The Importance of Brands PEOPLE OFTEN ASK me, ‘‘What is brand equity?’’ There are many ways to answer this. Some say it’s everything associated with the brand that adds to or subtracts from the value it provides to a product or service. Others emphasize the financial value of the brand asset. Still others stress the consumer loyalty or price premium generated by brand equity. Some even talk about the permission and flexibility a brand gives an organization to extend into new product and service categories. While all of these are very important parts of brand equity, I think the following story best illustrates what brand equity is. Imagine you are having lunch with a long-time and very good friend. Several times throughout the lunch, she makes disparaging and sarcastic remarks that make you feel bad. You think to yourself, ‘‘This just isn’t like her. She must be having a bad day.’’ You meet with her again a week or two later, and again she acts ornery and negative. You think to yourself, ‘‘Something must be going on in her life that she’s really struggling with. Maybe she is having difficulties with her job or her health or her marriage or her children.’’ You may even ask her if everything is all right. She snaps back, ‘‘Of course it is.’’ Your interaction with her continues in this vein over the next couple of months. You continue to try to be supportive, but she’s definitely getting on your nerves. After many meetings and much......

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