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It's all about setting the table right. There's no point making a mistake and then overwhelming the guest with a flurry of apologies. All this may sound trivial, but this emphasis on systems has probably lead to Indian Hotels being chosen as a case study by Harvard Business School.
It all began last September when IHL's senior V-P (human resources) Bernard Martyris took part in a 12-day HBS executive programme on HR management with 80 participants from 26 countries.
While most of the participants shared notes on common issues, the cultural aspect of HRD often came up for discussion. Using the experience of his own company, Martyris talked about how IHL had moved from a work ethos, which was relationship-based (especially during the Kerkar days) to one which now depends on solid systems and is more task-oriented.
According to Martyris, IHL has been selected as a case study because the evolution of systems in aspects like work ethos, leadership and cultural change can be traced from its relation-based roots to its current systemic form.
The IHL case study will be introduced in the Strategic Management Course and will be a part of the core MBA programme and not just the multiple short-term courses which HBS offers.
Professor of organisational behaviour at HBS Thomas J Delong said that though he rarely takes up a case study in HR with a participant, this time he saw the opportunities and processes to unite a case.
Apart from being able to trace the evolution of systems, HBS was also impressed by the ability of the Taj Group of hotels to combat major international competitors like Marriott, Radisson, Four Seasons and Carlton that are already in India.
The challenge facing IHL is to define cultural change in a liberalised environment and compare favourably with international competition, which all have very strong systems.
Delong, along with a research associate,...

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