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Hr Development

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Office Supervisor Suggested Developmental Plan

Essential Functions

General category
Specific function
Recommended Courses
(Indicates take if needed]

1. Supervision of non-student employees
Supervises non-student employees:
Formal performance management;
Decision making or significant input into pay or hire/fire decisions; and
Decision making or significant input into other employment status decisions

PM100, 110, 120; MG520

HR Legal Foundations series; MG180; MG401, 501, &502;
(Teamwork series)ER345, MG101, MG201, MG380, HR560; MR140

2. Policies and procedures
Resolves and responds to questions about policies and procedures
CT200, CT300, OA100, OA110, OA200, MG180, MG280,OM100, OM120, OM130, OM150, [OM180, OM200] OM220, OM240, OM260, OM280, OM300, OM320, OM340, OM380, OM460

3. Administrative duties
Performs a wide variety of administrative duties:
Budget tracking and coordination
HR administration

Coordination of large/complex projects/events
Liaison with other units
Point of contact for purchasing or vendor/outside agency

CT200, 201, 250; OM100

CT300 & 301; OM120, 260, 280, 300, 320, 340; OA100, 110, & 200


4. Office support duties
Performs a variety of office support duties:
Typing and correspondence;
Filing folders;
Records keeping/compilation /data entry;
Preparing/processing forms, calendars, and scheduling;
Mail distribution and outgoing mailings;
Travel/expense vouchers;
Telephone and greeting;
Updating Web site

[HR410], HR295, HR420


TW100, 200; OM400

5. Administrative assistant
May serve as the personal administrative assistant to an assistant dean, department head or manager

Course Code Explanation

Code Title

CT200 Intro to Banner Admin: The Internet Native Banner Financial System
CT201 Introduction to…...

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