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| | | i. What is the best persuasive strategy? It depends on how much and what kinds of resistance you expect. a. Four basic short-term strategies exist: * Direct Request * Problem-Solving Persuasion * Sales * Reward and Punishment 1. Rewards and punishment have limited use, in part because they don't produce permanent change and because they produce psychological reactance. b. Analyze your audience to choose a pattern: * Direct request. POWERPOINT SLIDE * Problem-solving. POWERPOINT SLIDE c. Remember that a strategy that works for one organization may not work somewhere else. * Know the organization's culture. a. CONCEPT CHECK True or False: The direct request pattern is most useful when you expect the audience to strongly resist your request. CONCEPT CHECK ii. What is the best subject line for a persuasive message? For direct requests, use the request, the topic, or a question. For problem-solving messages, use a directed subject line or a reader benefit. d. A directed subject line makes your stance on an issue clear. iii. How should I organize persuasive messages? In direct requests, start with the request. In a problem-solving message, start with the problem you share. e. Pattern for direct requests. POWERPOINT SLIDE f. Pattern for problem-solving persuasive messages. POWERPOINT SLIDE * CONCEPT CHECK True or False: The patterns for direct requests and problem-solving messages are basically the same. CONCEPT CHECK iv. How do I identify and overcome objections? Talk to your audience. Then try these strategies. g. Strategies for overcoming objections. POWERPOINT SLIDE h. Overcoming emotional issues can be difficult. * People who have a vested interest in something see no need for change because they benefit from...

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