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Performance Review Takes a Page from Facebook
HRM500 – HR Management Foundations
May 12, 2013

Today’s workforce has evolved just as technology. The dynamics of the labor force consist of generational differences. These differences can support organizational success as well as cause its failure. What constitutes as a productive workforce are the tools provided by the employer. Performance management systems have become essential to the development, productivity and retention of top producers. It is imperative that employers understand the needs and listen to the concerns of their employees. The old way of conducting performance appraisals are no longer efficient because they are seen as outdated and cumbersome. Organizations should use technology especially the widespread acceptance of social networking as their new found way to communicate and provide feedback. This style of communication promotes comradery, supports inclusion and allows managers to perform better. It also supports the notion of 360 degree feedback but also provides the entire workforce an outlet to recognize accomplishment and seek guidance. I will attempt to explain and show how social media network performance systems are beneficial to the organization and their employees.

Keywords: Social network, performance management, communication, generational workforce.
Performance Review Takes a Page from Facebook
Agree or disagree with this statement and provide reasons for your response. “If you have regular conversations with people, and they know where they stand, then the performance evaluation is maybe unnecessary”
I disagree with the statement “If you have regular conversations with people, and they know where they stand, then the performance evaluation is maybe unnecessary”. Performance evaluations are not performed to just let an employee know where they stand. The...

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