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Review of HR Function October 2015
This report has been commissioned by the Executive Directors and covers the implications of reducing or removing the HR function completely from the organisation. This report supports the retention of the HR function by looking at the two main ways the HR function supports the business.
Firstly the report will cover the HR activities that support the organisations strategy, and secondly the support HR professionals provide to line managers and their staff.
Activities that support the organisations strategy
Recruitment – HR staff work with the relevant managers to ensure a clear and reasonable advert and job description is put together to help ensure the candidates know what is expected of them. By involving the HR staff the advertising and job description is legal, i.e. non-discriminatory and fits the strategy of the organisation i.e. making sure the correct amount of hours, pay scale and salary are advertised for.
The HR staff are also involved in the selection process, ensuring that all candidates are subject to the same objective selection criteria. They are then used to support the relevant managers to interview the candidates. This supports the strategy because it helps the organisation to avoid claims of discrimination and making sure the right people are in the right roles.
Staff Policies – HR are responsible for writing and maintaining the Staff Policies. This supports the strategic goals as by ensuring staff work in the same way to deliver organisational strategy. For example the health and Safety policy ensures that safety guidance is adhered to avoid accidents which may have a direct financial impact on the organisation.
Training and Development – HR responsible for making sure that there is an adequate induction programme followed by relevant and ongoing training for all staff. By ensuring that the staff are...

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