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FINAL EXAM: Chapters 6 - 9
You need to answer two of the first questions and both question 5 and 6. Make sure you provide clear, comprehensive, and convincing arguments based on your reading from chapter 6-9 as your model. You may refer to material from earlier chapters to strengthen your argument. 1. Bob Ulrich, CEO of nonunion retailer Target, justifies his company’s antiunion philosophy by saying that Target “simply doesn’t believe that third-party representation would add anything for our customers, our employees, or our shareholders. We just do not believe it’s productive and adds value.” Using information from chapter 6, evaluate this position.

Target has built a reputation of being a high end discounted retail store that caters towards the urban trendsetting families. When a consumer hears the name of Target Stores, the association with low wages or anti-union statements typical do not come to mind. The statement made by CEO Bob Ulrich and the company’s antiunion philosophy is a common feeling most organization have towards unions. The company is entitled to have such viewpoints and has the authority to express them freely as long as the company does not participate in unfair labor practices that will intimidate an employee’s legal right of inquiring into unions.

Target has a right to be vocal about the organization’s stance and sway employees not to join a union. The biggest reason for employees to form unions is collectively, “employees feel their employer is treating them unfairly and a union can change that (Mitchell & Simpson, 2009). In fact, employers have greater supremacy to improve workplace conditions sooner, then employees implementing a union. As organizations continues to increase employee benefits such as work-life balance, competitive pay, along with the comprehensive study of employee engagement, the employer diminishes the...

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