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Hr of Honda

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Individual assignment
Student: Nguyen Anh Vu
Class: EMBA10A
Subject: Human Resource Management in Honda Vietnam – Planning and Job design 1. Honda HR planning
Human resource planning uses data from the analysis of labor supply and demand to forecast the shortages and surpluses of labor force. In order to build an effective human resource planning, “the organization needs to identify the appropriate goals” and “formulate and implement a planning process gathered”. A model overview the whole planning process has been developed:

Figure 1: Overview of human resource planning process (De Cieri, Kramar)
At Honda Vietnam (HVN), the manpower plan is often made twice per year. It is one integral part of business & HR strategy. In order to implement the business strategy, they need the skilled workforce. Together with that, the learning & development is also reported to the BOD so as to get approval for budget.
“The power comes from inside”, the workforce planning will foresee the sufficient manpower to enforce the company power including the market-share & brand power stand in the automobile market which are its business strategies. “Manpower is the key driver of Honda automobile competitive advantage in automotive industry” Mr. Gan Kok Seng – the deputy general director said to the Vinh phuc Social Invalid & Labor Department in Feb 2009. Referring to the very successful case study “Human resource management in Australia of St. George Bank” Honda Vietnam actually applied same strategy; they also reckoned people development as strategy “Each bank’s got their own strategy on that. It’s about people, and in some senses that could be regarded as soft but there’s a view out that its’ tangible” Wright, HR director of St George Bank said.
At HVN, workforce planning often starts conducting an analysis of staffing needs throughout the organization. This…...

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