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Hr Performance Appraisal

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Communicating performance appraisal
The South West region office
Alex Scally runs the region office in an informal way, her style of management seems to be close to a team builder style but with some differences, her management style seems works within her team, she applies high doses of intuition to evaluate associates performance when the performance appraisal process, actually she does not believes that the performance appraisal process would provide valuable information.
In somehow, the South West office is acting in a decentralized manner, autonomy must not be confused with anarchy.
The organization establishes the procedures to follow for the entire company, these procedures are transmitted for the managers who would be acted as chain-transmission between the top management of the employees, the procedures are the distinction signal between an organization and a particulars or group of people.
The South West region office through its Regional manager is out of the standardized processes within the organization, the communication of the procedures of performance appraisal have not been transmitted to the employees on that region.
In my little experience, in some organizations the process of performance appraisal are not taken seriously by the managers, this may occur due to the unclear communication about the objectives of the process and the valuable that it would be displayed.
Regarding the performance appraisal process, the benefits listed above (introduction part) to both, employees and organization would be needed to explain and discuss with the Regional manager.
Although Alex management´ style may causes positive acceptance among her team, the above listed reasons and benefits are more than enough for changing her mind into an alignment with organization vision and requirements.
From the employees standpoint, the...

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