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Hr Policies and Procedure.

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Human resource management is concerned with people element in management. Since every organization is made up of people, acquiring their services, developing their skills/ motivating to high level of performances and ensuring that they continue to maintain their commitments to the organization which are essential to achieve organizational objectives.

This project is meant to know the Human Resource Policies in the organization. The HR Policies are a tool to achieve employee satisfaction and thus highly motivated employees. The main objective of various HR Policies is to increase efficiency by increasing motivation and thus fulfill organizational goals and objectives.

The objective is to provide the reader with a framework of the HR Policy Manual and the various objectives that the different policies aim to achieve. The main focus was on the managerial levels of employees in HERITAGE FOODS INDIA LIMITED.


This report is an outstanding prospect to convey my gratefulness to those many people whose timely help and guidance went a long way in finishing this project work from commencement to achievement.

I would like to express my sincere thanks to Mr. Nitin V Asalkar (Sr. Manager-Human Resource and Administration) for giving me an opportunity to explore the practical knowledge practiced by the company.

I am very glad to work with the organization as a trainee. I am grateful to HR Department of HERITAGE FOODS INDIA LIMITED. for helping me to get the information and an invaluable experience.

Last but not the least would like to thank my friends, family members and all those people who helped me for the completion and deeper understanding of the concept of...

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