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Hr Task 2

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Executive Team
Subject: RJDT Task 2: Code of Ethics

As the Elementary Division Manager it is my responsibility to establish and enforce a Code of Ethics regarding the distribution of whistles. The decision whether to distribute the whistles as scheduled or incur additional cost to reproduce/repackage the whistle involves exercising ethical decision making. According to the quality assurance manager, the whistles have traces of lead above the U.S. legal acceptable limits for children ages 7 and younger and the cost to reproduce/repackage is $100,000. It is my goal to resolve this dilemma in a manner supported by the Toy Company as well as protect the company while fulfilling our obligations. There are three possible decision alternatives to address the problem. Each having advantages and disadvantages along with financial, legal, and ethical considerations:
1. Distribute whistles as-is and on schedule
a. The company’s advantage would be honoring the negotiated contract to produce the whistles.
b. The disadvantage would be the potential harm to the client due to increased lead.
c. The financial consideration would be the company saving $100,000 at the customer’s risk of harm.
d. The legal consideration would be the risk for potential lawsuits.
e. It would be unethical towards the customer and law to disregard the regulatory limit of traces of lead.
2. Reproduce and repackage the whistles
a. The company’s advantage would be ensuring customer confidence in our product and minimize harm.
b. The disadvantage would be a delay in distribution and the company will have additional manufacturing cost.
c. The financial consideration would be the$100,000 increase to the overall project.
d. The legal consideration would be the elimination of possible law suit regarding harmful consequence as a result of using lead filled whistles as well as being in…...

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