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Hr590 Mid Term

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Mid Term Paper

Question #5, page 225

HR590 Human Resource Management

Keller Graduate School of Management of DeVry University

July 28, 2011

Part 1 of question #5:

Based on my quick research I’ve come to realize that most internal recruiters, at least in medium to large sized companies, commonly rely on web-based systems to do the initial screening of applicants. They tend to lack incentives, and also lack penalties, for how well they recruit. With external recruiters, there are often no metrics in place at all, other than time to fill. If metrics for quality of hire are clearly tracked and compared between internal and external recruiters, it can help identify the best recruitment model for a business because as an Human Resources (HR) person you will be able to tell who is providing the highest-quality candidates.

Part 2 of question #5:

Internal recruitment efforts can provide a business with a solid pool of applicants. Through internal job postings and communications, small businesses can locate candidates with the appropriate mix of talent and experience. Those with a solid track record of demonstrated success related to achievements, dedication and performance represent ideal candidates for internal recruiting. A recruit from within mentality encourages employees to strive for excellence and continually seek training and educational opportunities to improve and elevate skills. Promotions and transfers offer employees a chance to advance within the company. Employee referrals represent another avenue for recruiting on an internal level. I can attest to the fact that I’m a product of internal recruitment within the United States Navy as a prior enlisted person after serving 10 years I received a commission as a Naval Officer.

External or outside recruitment efforts refer to a business attempting to attract top recruits and…...

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